Mo Bidyut

The Distribution Utilities of Odisha (TPCODL, TPNODL, TPWODL & TPSODL) are going to be part of 5T programmes of Government of Odisha. Under this initiative, the People can obtain new electricity connection, Online Bill Payment and can lodge their grievances online. Permanent Connection will be provided up to 5KW(Single Phase) within 48 Hours of the submission of Application with Payment in complete shape i.e.,

  • There is no RoW issue to give connection.
  • The Connection Premises should be within 30 Mtrs of the nearest connecting points of Utility.
  • Applicant should provide valid documents.
  • There should not be any Arrear against the Applicant in any Utilities as in clause-17 of OERC Code - 2019.